Unibrands considers training an essential element for the correct management of the operating units, to maintain a high level of quality and image standards. Through multiple training tools, Unibrands provides its network with continuous training.


The Marketing Department ensures that the positioning of brands, the image and their public identification are constant with growth and faithful to the brand philosophy, following the actions planned in the Marketing and Communication Plan.
The Marketing Department prepares:
– Launch and maintenance of the cmomercial premises;
– Plan for communication and relations with the public;
– Promotions plan and launch of new products;
– Customer loyalty plan through a promotional platform that combines Loyalty Card, interactions on the internet and other initiatives such as Gift Cards, Points Collection, etc.


The goal of each affiliate is to invest in a business model that makes him grow economically and whose support and training for management is effective.
Unibrands offers investors a unique formula:
Customized franchising, our formats have been designed to be accessible to small and large investors; even with minimal financial resources it is possible to access profitable and successful formats. Large investors have the opportunity to increase their profitability through a greater number of sales points, thanks to the low cost of each individual location.


Once you have informed the candidate of the selection process and received the application form, we will analyze your profile.
The flexibility of our offer allows us to offer one of the lowest market investments in the catering and food retail sectors.
The installation in one of the Unibrands brands is inferior to any other competing brand with similar characteristics.

The large investor will immediately multiply the value of his investment, as he will be able to manage more sales units with the possibility of becoming Multi-Franchisèe or Master-Franchisèe Area Developer.