Altamura’s Bread done with

Re-Milled Semolina, Distribuited by Novoforno®

Pane di Semola


One of the most significant characteristics of this semolina product offered by Novoforno, together with its taste and digestibility, is its prolonged shelf life: it remains in good taste up to four / five days from the date of production or defrosting.

Produced with an artisanal system and with an exclusive traditional recipe, which incorporates that of the BREAD OF ALTAMURA, in 500g forms, it has a well-blended structure and thanks to natural leavening, it maintains its fragrance, taste and fragrance.

Frozen and packed in polypropylene film, suitable for the channels: Retail, Catering-Horeca and the In Store Baking channel (supermarket chains) with hot spots / bakery inside, will offer undoubted benefits to the consumer: always available, never old , never waste but only freshly baked bread with 12 months of expiry.

The storage methods and recommendations for use are indicated on the package.