Unibrands is a company with its own factories that produce food products distributed on the Italian and international market, through its network of restaurants and shops.

This exclusivity in manufacturing allows us to control the quality of the product, thinking of the final consumer for the profitability of our investors and the prestige of our brands.

At the headquarters in Italy there are offices: product development, logistics, distribution, marketing and general management.

In Spain, moreover, there are the commercial offices that support the general management in the development of the different brands and formats in Europe.

We are convinced that quality and food safety in our factories, such as in our restaurants and outlets, are fundamental values in order to guarantee consumers healthy and controlled food.

The raw materials destined for the production cycle come from certified suppliers that comply with the health and hygiene regulations, with the aim of safeguarding food safety and the organoleptic profile of food.

Our constant concern is to satisfy the needs of consumers and ensure that the quality they get is what they hope for.

When a customer eats in our restaurants or buys products in our stores, he must be convinced of eating healthy, natural and safe.