Unibrands offers the market the perfect combination of catering and food, with formats that meet all the needs of healthy eating made in Italy.

Our franchising system is based on two offers: one for the great developer who will manage the development of a network in a single country or demarcated area and the other through a flexible offer aimed at the affiliate who adapts, according to his own profile, a profitable model like the one we offer.


The Expansion Department is the “front desk” of Unibrands. Its function is to select and accept the investor, provide commercial and pre-contractual documentation, until the contract is signed.


This sector is delegated to entertain the relationships between all the Departments of the central office, the affiliates and the Master Franchisèe. It is responsible for coordinating the activities that follow the signing of the contract and gathering information from the Points of Sale. The goal is to provide concrete and effective solutions to better manage the business and increase turnover.


The technical department of Unibrands is responsible for gathering information and technical data to create the layout of the room, in order to meet the needs of the franchisee quickly. Following a criterion of optimization of time and money, and to better safeguard the investment. For the opening of the room, the Department proceeds as follows:

Preliminarily evaluate the place and its location

Process the layout of the room with the internal distribution

Collects estimates for the construction of the works and for the supply of equipment. Plan the opening

Create a calendar for the construction of the works and for the installation of the equipment

Provides the technical documentation for the execution of the works


The development of the project is of vital importance for the good functioning of the premises, for which Unibrands focuses its efforts on offering the best technical service to the franchisee.


A deep knowledge of Italian gastronomy, a careful selection of high quality products, reliable suppliers and an efficient logistic service are essential elements for the good functioning of sales units.

The Unibrands Purchasing Department works to offer affiliates:
– Delivery of products to the premises with the necessary frequency and punctuality, thanks to agreements with logistic operators of primary importance;
– Products, materials for use and merchandising at the best possible price;
– The best suppliers of certified Italian products;
– The best logistics costs.


We provide our affiliates with the most advanced information technologies, designed specifically to manage, coordinate and provide daily consulting to the franchisee, in a simple and effective way.
Our software (TPV) allows you to comfortably manage the daily activities of the sales units.