Multigrain Taralli

Taralli Multicereali

Weight: 250g.

The taralli, cheerful and appetizing but above all tasty, the taralli are the ideal solution to satisfy the desire for “good” that sometimes takes us, try them to multigrain, offered by Novoforno.

Ingredients:  “00” soft wheat flour, multi-grain flour
[Tender flour “0”, SEGAL flour “2” type, flour of
GRAIN burnt, ORZO flour, OAT flour, natural Yeast of soft wheat flour “0” in powder, flour treatment agents: (ascorbic acid, amylase)] 31%, white wine, olive oil, extra oil – 6% olive oil, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, SESAME seeds, salt.


The Multigrain taralli are a typical Apulian specialty whose basic dough is made of flour, oil, salt, without palm oil and without yeast!

On the market there are many forms and varieties, as these are prepared in many regions of southern Italy such as Campania or Calabria and in each of them are cooked in a different way.