Unibrands has developed its formats and business models in sectors in progressive growth.

In the international market, development and modern catering was born as a response to the needs of adaptation to the rhythm of life as well as to greater consumption capacity, greater geographical mobility of people and time saving.
The food sector outside the home and prepared food has grown for a number of sales points, to better respond to social transformations. In this way the consumer has only partially satisfied his expectations and now requires more quality for the restaurant.

In the developed markets such as the United States, Japan and Europe, large fast-food chains have been consolidated, which are also growing in new markets, such as Russia, India, China and Brazil.

In the United States alone, out-of-home food consumption has reached 50% of all food consumption. The rest of the countries are below this percentage, which demonstrates the potential for growth in the rest of the world’s countries. Eating outside the home is now conceived as a functional necessity and not as a celebration.


  • To spread, in every part of the world, Italian food in different commercial formats to bring healthy food closer to all consumers;
  • Offer consumers high quality Italian products;
  • Meet the quality needs of our customers at competitive prices and ensure our franchisers and investors successful business models with excellent profitability.

To be a leader in the international market of modern catering and food retail through the winning formula:
Best Products + Best Service + Best Price Quality Ratio = CONSUMER LOYALTY AND FIDELITY