Italian art to realize goodness … I love real Italian Food

Unibrands HistoryThe history of Unibrands Italian taste llc has its origins in Italy with the other company which has the name of Unibrands Italia srl.

From the experience and the skills of its sole director Mr. Sandro Loizzo, together with valuable collaborators, have created a company whose core business is to bring true made in Italy around the world.

The different business trips and fairs, made with the Unibrands Italy, very often led him to deal with different products defined Italian sounding, which with their name, packs etc. were presented as an Italian product.

In March 2016 on one of his travels in the US thanks to his Italian friend who lives in the United States, he meets one of the biggest distributors of food products and during long business conversations he often exclaimed “I love italia, i love italian food, i love all italy “I felt proud and proud of what he exclaimed, but at the same time surprised at how much work there was to do.

Sandro Loizzo
Unibrands President