Altamura’s Focaccia

Focaccia di Altamura

Altamura’s focaccia is a tasty bakery product typical of the Bari hinterland. Good to eat immediately freshly baked and excellent even the day after. A reliable companion for picnics and to eat with friends and relatives!

The original condiment is made with tomatoes, oregano, salt and extra virgin olive oil (also this place), but today you can find many variations on the market.

This hand-made specialty, as it was in the past, has a simple taste and is obtained from the skilful use of totally natural ingredients and has its roots in the farming culture of the population of Altamura. Healthy and natural ingredients, without adding additives and preservatives, make the NOVOFORNO focaccia a unique food, without cholesterol and 100% natural.

Highly digestible, it can be tasted in many ways: as a complete meal, as a substitute for bread, as a snack, as an appetizing aperitif or cut and filled with cured meats. It will be the imagination of consumers to choose the best way to taste the NOVOFORNO focaccia. Produced, frozen and promptly packaged, it is available in printed polypropylene film suitable for retail, in neutral film for the HORECA channel and IN STORE BAKING. It is produced in sizes of 500 and 150 gr. To comply with the
consumer needs are available in many flavors such as: tomato, onion, coarse salt, cherry tomatoes and on specific requests of our customers also for PRIVATE LABEL.