The Real Dop Altamura’s Bread

“The bread of Altamura is a traditional bakery product of Altamura, in the metropolitan city of Bari. It is obtained from the use of semolina (very rich in gluten) remixed wheat varieties grown in the territories of the municipalities of Murgia. On 18 July 2003, at the European level, the Altamura bread was recognized as the protected designation of origin (DOP).” -Wikipedia

Pane di Altamura

DOP Altamura’s Bread

The Pane di Altamura D.o.p. it is linked to the peasant tradition of the typical area of ​​production, that is Altamura. After years the Pane di Altamura bears the “DOP” brand. The “Pane di Altamura” has been recognized as a healthy and balanced food with unique nutritional characteristics, as it derives from the selection of excellent hard grains, obtained in an environment with specific geo-climatic factors, which characterizes the territory of the northern Murgia. Western and the use of drinking water normally used in the area and the use of only Yeast.

Altamura bread is a bakery product obtained from durum wheat re-milled semolina, obtained from the grinding of hard grains of the varieties “Appulo”, “Arcangelo”, “Duilio”, and “Simeto” produced in the geographical area delimited in the production disciplinary of the Consortium for the protection of bread of Altamuranella geographical area delimited in the production disciplinary that includes the territories of the Municipalities of Altamura, Gravina in Puglia, Poggiorsini, Spinazzola and Minervino Murge in the Province of Bari. The Altamura bread, with its characteristic perfume, never weighing less than Kg. 0,5, it was the first product in Europe to boast the DOP brand in the “Bakery and bakery products” product category.

Altamura PDO bread must meet the following characteristics

loaf of not less than 0,5 kg in the traditional acccavallata (locally called skuanète) with hips on the sides, or low (locally called a cappid d’prèvte) without kissing;

  1. a) crust thickness of at least 3 mm;
    b) straw yellow color characterized by homogeneous honeycomb;
    c) characteristic aroma;
    d) humidity not higher than 33%.

The finished product will be packaged in micro-perforated heat-shrinkable with label showing:

1) list of ingredients, production company;

2) expiry date;

3) logo

4) alternatively, without any wrapping, with the sole affixation to the finished product of a stamp in biological material showing the characteristics listed above and the words “pane di Altamura DOP”

On the labels the mark must be used to be used inseparably with the protected designation of origin. The graphic symbol is made up of a “Sannitic shield surmounted by a crown, a four-quarters weapon, two by two red and white”. At the center of the oval appears, horizontally, on three alignments, the inscription “bread DOP di Altamura” At Novoforno® we produce and export our quality bread, made with passion and tradition, throughout the foreign market and thanks to the company’s flexibility we are able to adapt to customer needs looking for solutions that can leave both parties satisfied. Our bread line from Altamura DOP has 4 different formats, Alto and Basso, both from 500gr and 1KG.


Pane di Altamura Alto                     Pane di Altamura Basso


Nutritional information average values per 100g of product
Energy Value:1294 kJ / 305kcal
Fats:2,2 g
of which saturated:0 g
Carbohydrates:60,1 g
of which sugars:6,5 g
Fibers:1,9 g
Proteins:10,4 g
Salt:1,5 g


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