The opportunity offered by Unibrands with its format and business models is unique. In the Panfocaccia restaurants, as in the Primoforno bakeries, you can enjoy excellent food specialties with quick service in a pleasant and comfortable environment.
Our brands offer the best products with fast service, in a pleasant and comfortable environment.
The service provided is quick and friendly. The rooms are comfortable and clean, with modern furniture and functional room layout; these are essential elements for our customers to enjoy their purchases or their consumption in the best way.


Unibrands has developed very profitable formats with solid foundations, thanks to the control of production, a great negotiating capacity with suppliers and innovative forms of commercial development.

Thanks to the standardization of operational processes and a constant analysis of profitability, we obtain very interesting business volumes.
At the same time, Unibrands professionals are constantly engaged in providing support to affiliates through initial and continuing training.


The formats developed by Unibrands are easy to manage. Our activities, duly manual Opportunity Offers from Unibrands izzate, detail the procedures for requesting, processing, presenting and delivering the product, to offer the customer a fast and excellent service.

All steps are transmitted on the basis of a well-tested formula summarized as follows: Wide range of products + Semi-finished products with low handling + Absence of complex preparation procedures + Excellent presentation of products in a short time.


Unibrands has chosen franchising as a means of expansion since it is the most modern and dynamic method of growth. Our organizational structure is designed to provide maximum support to affiliates and Master Franchisées.
For Unibrands, the development of its brands is one of the main priorities, which it achieves through a quality service provided to affiliates.

All the company departments are engaged in constant support work. To be effective in communicating with affiliates we have implemented the best computer system, which we put at their disposal, to achieve a smooth and two-way communication.


We provide our affiliates with documentation and operating manuals that cover all aspects of store management. Unibrands is the only franchising company in the world that has manualized the activities of its Master Franchisée, in order to facilitate their management.

From the Italian headquarters we provide the necessary training for both the individual franchisee and the Master Franchisée.